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Beating Burnout When You Feel You Can't Go On

Everyone feels burned out sooner or later. It’s a challenging thing to manage, since you feel that you’ve already done everything you can do and completely tapped your resources. But it’s likely that you can manage what’s happening in your life. We’re good at making situations seem more challenging than they really are.

There are numerous things you can do to help ease your way through the current turmoil in your life.

Try these techniques to manage the challenges in your life intelligently:

  1. Eat well. It’s common to eat garbage or to eat too little when you’re super stressed. This only serves to make things worse. Make a concerted effort to eat nutritiously when life is beating you up. Also, avoid the temptation to overeat. Try to maintain your normal diet.

  2. Sleep. Stress wears out your mind and body. Give yourself the chance to sleep 7-8 eight hours each night, but not 14. Regular, good quality sleep will give you clarity and energy to better deal with your challenges.

  3. Determine what you can control. Sometimes life is hard and there’s nothing you can do about it. If you can’t do anything about it, what is the value in worrying? Figure out what you can control and then give those things your attention.

  4. Identify what’s making you feel burned out. Is it just one thing? Or is it a lifestyle that you simply don’t feel you can maintain any longer? Maybe you’re having challenges at home, work, health issues, and financially. Take the time to identify what is causing you the greatest amount of pain and you’ll find your challenge easier to manage.

  5. Stay social. It’s natural to want to isolate yourself, but that might be a mistake. Make time for those you most enjoy spending time with. It can lift your spirits and your outlook on life. Everyone needs to laugh.

  6. Breathe heavy at least once a day. Hit the gym and work up a good sweat. Many of the biochemicals released during stress are reduced by physical exertion. You can get in shape and reduce your stress at the same time.

  7. Disconnect electronically. Your smartphone, TV, and internet are stimulating, but that’s not what you need when you’re feeling burned out. Take a night or an entire weekend off. Read a book or listen to some music. Have dinner with a friend.

  8. Make relaxation part of your schedule. You plan everything else, so plan your relaxation time, too. Even 30 minutes can be meaningful and give you something to look forward to each day.

  9. Remember your past experiences. You’ve been overwhelmed before and survived. It’s likely that things even turned out well. Remember that you’ve dealt with feeling burned out in the past. There’s no reason the same won’t happen again.

Avoid burying your head in the sand when you begin to feel burned out. The current drama in your life won’t last. You’ve successfully dealt with similar feelings before. Taking good care of your body is half the battle. Focus on the things you can control and let go of the rest. Good times are ahead!

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